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I’ve got tha feva, and like 100 other things, so whatever

July 6, 2011

I got so nervous at a doctor’s appointment this week that I didn’t realize I was supposed to follow the nurse out of the exam room and sat there for fifteen minutes until someone asked if I was okay. Yea, I’m okay, I just needed some time to myself after finding out my ear piercing was infected. Sorry. Today I accidentally went to a doctor that specializes more in implants than sore throats, which I didn’t realize until I saw everyone that worked there. Big boobs. Huge boobs. Faces that looked like their skin had been taped on to accentuate the new boobs. He did stick a camera down my throat though, which was cool because I’ve never seen that before.

meet my doctor

Anyways, I was lucky enough to get diagnosed with tonsillitis and strep throat today! It’s like the time my eye doctor told me I could wear glasses and contacts at the same time if I wanted to (do I want to?). I’m maybe contagious for like 12 more hours so I got to lay in bed all day and eat popsicles and think about:

the top ten things you can do when you are home sick with strep throat and tonsillitis:

1. finish season five of the x-files
2. spill a sunac salad on your bed because you are so startled during an episode of x-files season five
3. hate the woman who shows up at the end of x-files season five because you know she poses a serious threat to scully’s womanly desires
4. pain killaz!!!!!
5. think of as many movie titles about pain killers as you can as you fall asleep at 3pm. NATURAL BORN PAIN KILLERZ. le duh.
6. have a dream involving dogs and 3D glasses.
7. sketch dream. it looks like a hotdog with a nose wearing sunglasses.
8. wonder if you could get in trouble for offering a pain-killer for a popsicle trade on facebook. GO FOR IT ANYWAYS. EAT A D, FB POLICE.
9. wtf, have you heard the new justin timberlake / game / pharrell?? i want to be the girl cruising on the turtle raft

I’m about to take my second dose of whatever it was I was prescribed. Keep your fingers crossed for part 2 of 3D dog dream.

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  1. Ryan permalink
    July 7, 2011 10:37 am

    Topical of Cancer
    The Adventures of Milo & Opiates
    Agent Codeine Banks
    A Streetcar Named Demerol

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