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real girls shake fake girls hate

June 29, 2011

10 things you could do with 100 smoothies from mcdonald’s:

1. pour them in your tucked-in shirt so it looks like you have a smoothie baby
2. leave all of them stacked outside your boyfriend’s front door so tomorrow you’ll know if he lied about staying in reading because you also put pink paint in the smoothies and now it’s on his shoes
3. tell 100 people you are going to give them a free smoothie from mcdonald’s and then throw it on the ground right in front of them while you yell ‘whoops’
4. leave them on the floor in your house and close your eyes while you walk around and see if you are psychic
5. throw a smoothie off a bridge every second for 1 minute and 40 seconds
6. pretend they are your children and give each one a different name, then see if you can remember them in order of most to least favorite
7. leave a smoothie trail of everywhere you went for a week and then collect the ants for ant farms that you can give as gifts next christmas or hanukkah
8. trade them for an order of crazy bread
9. get asked out on 100 dates when you drink them really sexy out of the straw
10. try to drink them all at once using 100 really long straws and sitting in the middle of all of them like you’re in spiderman the smoothie’s web

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