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Top 5 favorite lady product mascots

June 26, 2011

(‘lady’ modifies ‘mascot’, not ‘product’ ok????)

5.  Mrs. Meyer

Ok, she makes only very rare appearances on her products, and she does not try very hard to get my clothes clean, but holy shit that basil hand soap smells so good.

4. The Chicken of the Sea mermaid

She’s probably a lesbian, right? She kinda looks like Miley Cyrus?

3. The Droste Cocoa lady

She is Dutch, she brings you chocolate on a tray, and the Droste cocoa bag on her tray has a picture of her holding another tray with another Droste cocoa bag with a picture of her holding another Droste cocoa bag forever and ever and ever! Infinity!!!!!

2. Belle the Blue Bell Ice Cream cow

Belle, damn you! Damn you, Belle! Moolennium Crunch? It’s 2011! Look at her giant udders. They are so full of ice cream.

1. Cholula (?) the Cholula lady

Yo don’t know donde I’d be sin this señora, making mi vida more caliente. Thank tu, Cholula. Thank tu.

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