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What’s your name cause I’m impressed

April 25, 2011

Twins sorta freak me out, probably because I’ve seen Dead Ringers more than once. Did you know Robert De Niro turned down the leading role in the movie because he wasn’t comfortable playing a gynecologist? Did you also know that half-identical twins exist? This is all true. Here are some of the most popular twins on the internet:

weasley twins

arbus twins

not twins

So even though National Twin Day is coming up (July 3), it’s still poetry month so we’ll take a look at the sTraNGesT TwInS iN tHe woOoOorRrrrLLLd: the Dickman twins.

poetic twins

Things to note: they are both twins, and they are both poets. Oh, and they were both in Minority Report. They are also academic freax. Micheal attended five colleges, and both him and his bro did the Michener writing program. What? The acceptance rate for getting in is between 2-3%, so basically the odds that two brothers who are twins and poets and actors getting in is like, infinity to zero (someone check my math). Anyways, you can look all of this stuff up yourself. Here’s some of Micheal’s poetry:

Emily Dickinson to the Rescue

Standing in her house today all I could think of was whether she took a shit every
or ever fucked anybody
or ever fucked

God’s poet
singing herself to sleep

You want these sorts of things for people

Bodies and
the earth

the earth inside

Instead of white
nightgowns and terrifying


Here she comes
her hands out in front of her
like a child flying
above its bed
at night
Her ankles and wrists held tightly between the fingers of some brightly lit parent home
from a party

Her spine

Singing “Here I come!”
Her legs pumping
her heart


Heaven is everywhere
but there’s still
the world
The world is made out of cancer, house fires, and Brain Death, here in America
But I love the world

Emily Dickinson
to the rescue

I used to think we were made of bread
gentle work and

We’re not
but we’re still beautiful
killing each other as much as we can
beneath the pines

The pines that are somebody’s

He is SO GOOD y’all. Really. Read some of his other poems here — the one about his own autopsy is great. The Rumpus also had a good review of his latest book of poems, but you can google that yourself.

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