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In the beginning, there was Rhoda

April 10, 2011

Today you get to meet part of the reason why WB exists: my mother. She asked me not to use her name but she talks about it in the interview, so whatever. Meet Mrs. Young:


I think she’s a babe and a half and really funny and loves aliens (despite what she says below) and this is why we get along so well. I bought her Using a Mac for Dummies, and good thing or this interview never would have happened.

me:  well i don’t know if it’s hard for you to type – i was going to ask you a few questions for me and my friend’s blog
Rhoda: What’s up
me: well do you want to do it now or later? i don’t want to bother you if you’re tired
Rhoda: I’m not me
Is something wrong
me: no it has to be typed! i need a transcript
no nothing is wrong!
Rhoda: Huh. As transcript of what
Rhoda: Call me
me: me and annecy have a blog. you don’t know her
can we just video chat?
me: where are u
Rhoda: hello
me: do you know any other rhodas?
Rhoda: no, i hate that name
me: why do you hate it?
Rhoda: only the rhoda on TV, and people always ask me about it.
me: do you relate to her?
Rhoda:When you say Rhoda it sounds like you are throwing up!!!!!! RHHHHHHHOOOOODDDDAAAA
me: hahahah
Rhoda:I wanted a name like everyone else had
susan, debbie
me: can you rate how cool i am on a scale of 1-10 jalapenos

rhoda talking to a reflection of rhoda while christie looks on

Rhoda: in the artsy world or my world
me: your world
rhoda world
Rhoda: no
me: does that mean u give me a 0?
Rhoda: no
how about i answer in the artsy world
me: ok we can move on
do you have any tattoos?
Rhoda: ok
do you
me: no
Rhoda: you are a liar
me: what do you do in san antonio for fun?
Rhoda: nothing
eat mexican food and drink margaritas
me: oh that sounds fun. i wish i was there
Rhoda: i’ll send you a plane ticket
me: okay another question about me: was i  a cool baby or a pretty baby or both
Rhoda: cool and pretty
me: that’s nice of you
i bet baby rhoda was too
Rhoda: of course, you look just like me
me: hahah
what do you think of new york?
Rhoda: do you like looking like me
me: of course i do
Rhoda:now I’ll ask the questions
Rhoda:do you have any tatoo
me: yes
do you believe in ghosts or aliens or both?
Rhoda: any NEW ones
me: no
Rhoda: me neither
me: really?
i think you are the liar now
Rhoda: only the one on your driver’s license
me: is that an insult?
Rhoda: no, i bought it for you
me: oh right. a.leon
remember when you tried to give it to the guy at the airport?
Rhoda: yes, he was quite surprised
me: because it looked just like you?
Rhoda: no like you
me: who is your favorite president?
Rhoda: of what
me: of nbc
Rhoda: abraham lincoln
walt disney
me: he was a hunk right?
Rhoda: abraham?
me: who do you think the sexiest nba player is? i wonder if we agree
Rhoda: Steve Kerr!!!!!!
me: oh yea. i vote for vinny del n
Rhoda: del no no
me: del heck yea
Rhoda: are we going to Boston
me: what is your least favorite part of going to the beach?
Rhoda: the sand, the water, the dirt, the seaweed, the birds
me: that’s reason enough
ok one last question. who is your favorite daughter?
Rhoda: not telling
i dont have a favorite – that would not be right!!!
me: it’s ok i just saw you wink at me

Rhoda got some new glasses

We also share the same birthday, which is April 18th (it’s next week–if you haven’t ordered us an Edible Arrangement, there’s still time).

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