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I don’t think they can handle this

April 10, 2011

What were you doing in 2000? I was taking driver’s ed at Central Park Mall and watching Hollow Man. The part when they inject Kevin Bacon with the neon ecto-cooler and his bod goes invisible layer by layer is probably the best part of the movie. Here’s a reminder in case you haven’t seen it in 11 years:

The movie isn’t very scary and sorta stinks, but that isn’t what this is about. It’s about the wonders of the human bod. It’s about how cool our guts are. It’s about how if you ever wanted to look really closely at a human heart and take a screenshot of it and cut it out and write your initials on it and use it in a collage for your sweetheart, now you can. Maybe I am the last person to know about Google Body but maybe you are actually the last person so whatever.

You can pick to look at a man or woman (athletic wear included), and then use the slider to go from Deb in a sports bra to Deb’s nervous system. Here are some pictures:

Kelly, can you handle this?

You can zoom in, get rid of bones, and twirl them around til you’re happy with what you see. Here’s another:

Michele, can you handle this?

And this:

Beyonce, can you handle this?

This would have really saved a lot of embarrassment for kids with unanswered body questions, like where is the cochlea and how many ribs do I have. Or, if this happened:

“Can you tell me where my girlfriend’s cervix is?”  What a punk. The end.

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