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Ill Na Na

March 15, 2011

Today I woke up with the ever catchy “What What in the Butt” song in my head. Is it even a song? I guess you can dance to it. It’s a song. Here’s a reminder in case you forget how it goes / can’t recall the visual magique that is SAMWELL:

My good friend Anna Mejia used to always get the Monster Mash stuck in her head, and would (will) sing what she knew of it, which wasn’t much. She resorts to rhyming words with the parts she does know, which usually sounds something like this:

THEY DID THE MASH / THEY DID THE MONSTER MASH (this is as far as she goes with actual lyrics)


Her version is my favorite version, and the one that now also gets stuck in my head. Samwell is a little harder to forget. The lyrics are simple and catchy and provocative. It’s fun to sing to yourself while you’re doing just about anything, and to wonder what Samwell would be like if he was Annecy’s boyfriend. The point is, sometimes you can’t help what gets stuck in your head. If life gives you “What What in the Butt,” make “What What in the Butt” lemonade.

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  1. March 16, 2011 7:45 am

    mmbombaway, mmmbombaway, nobody say nobody aye
    i would like toooo reach out my arms (reach out my arms)
    eeehhh nothin! eeehhh nothin! nobody say nobody aye

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