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This weak in SNL – 2/26/11

March 1, 2011

Yes, I realize this week was a rerun.  And yes I realize Anne Hathaway toes the line between cute and cloying.  And yes, I realize that purple number she wore last night looked like a fruit roll up.  And YES, I too can’t believe James Franco doesn’t drink or do drugs. AND YES, I KNOW Gwyneth Paltrow’s singing voice is nothing to write home to your mother and brother about. AND YES, I TOO REALIZE THAT ANNE HATHAWAY WAS MUCH COOLER B4 SHE GOT THE MAKEOVER IN PRINCESS DIARIES.

I think this was one of the standout episodes of the season, honestly.  But that shit’s relative.  It’s like saying, “This Andes Mint is the best dessert out of all the bird turds that are tonight’s dessert choices.”  Because Andes Mints are objectively terrible (I will not hear arguments).


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